These are some of the illustrations that I have done throughtout the school years, some digital, some hand drawn with different kind of medium.

graphic portrait of sorah yang, a dancer from Los angeles
graphic portrait of Matt Gabiel, a male with sunglasses and pattern sweater.
graphic portrait of Andrea Chan, a female looking at the left direction with a few piece of hair flying infront of her face.
a red japanese ghost mask illustration witha trangle outline behind the mask.
digital lettering of the word hello gorgeous with the gradient of yellow, teal, and grey.
halloween illustration of a cresent moon witha pumpkin hanging, and lettering at the bottom right corner saying happy halloween.
birthday card illustration of lettering saying happy birthday nataly.
birthday card illustration of roses around the circle, with lettering saying happy birthday sydney.
birthday card illustration of a birthday cake, with lettering saying happy birthday ola.
birthday card illustration with doodle around the circle, with lettering saying happy birthday manie.
illustration of a printer printing out a piece of paper saying always print in cmyk.
illustration of a dream catcher saying dream big in the middle of the illustration.
illustration of a anime character, with lettering saying I always want to mimikyu.
black and white illustration with different style of lettering saying live your life and forget your age.